Monday, May 18, 2009

Does the Cafepress migration impact your sales?

One of my new flower designs. No sales yet, but I think there's hope!

Reading the Zazzle forums, it seems that some people are thinking the Great Cafepress Migration (wherein Cafepress pissed off an unholy crapload of artists with its new royalty system so they abandoned ship and came to Zazzle) is costing them sales. And indeed, Zazzle has loads and loads of new artists these days.

But let's be realistic. Those artists were already in the market, just at a different address. It's not a huge influx of new, but rather just a lateral move. And I still think overall it enhances Zazzle and helps us all. Zazzle is becoming THE place to be for designers. Vh1 and Hallmark have joined the Zazzle ranks meaning the Zazzle address is going to be attracting more and more hits overall.

But it's true that the more designers who use PODs, the harder it will be to get individual voices heard. I launched my new shop trying to appeal to a wider, non-dog audience and I love what I'm doing over there, but realize that though I'm appealing to a wider audience, I'm also now competing with many more shops doing similar things. I have yet to get a sale off of my new merchandise, but I feel like I will, sooner or later!

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