Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Design

This is all Ann's fault. See, I used to show Saddlebreds, lo those many years ago. I actually attended William Woods University on an equestrian scholarship. But those days are long gone. I haven't ridden a horse in years.

Today Ann G emailed a video of a racking horse to a small group of friends. Which made me go find some World Championship Horse show video. And after I watched some of that, I dug in a closet and pulled out a drawing I did in 1988. I've been having a ball with it all darn day. Of course since it was 18" x 24" and my scanner is 8" x 11", it's also taken all day for me to scan it in pieces, put it togther, make it seamless, and then have lots of fun with colors and shadings. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. This is a beautiful drawing! It really shows the American Saddlebred horse's nobility and refinement. This artwork stands out from the rest in its artistic beauty.

    I just found your drawing featured on t-shirts and gift items and have added them to my site for gaited horse lovers, I would love it if you had more horse designs like this available for the gaited breeds as I would relish adding them to my site. Great talent!