Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Featured Design

Welcome to my Featured Design series. In this section, I want to highlight some of the other great Zazzle designers. There's an incredible amount of talent out there and people are producing beautiful materials! The intent of this section is to help other great designers get exposure.

The first design I've picked is by Ruxique's Little Art Shop. Ruxandra is a graphic artist from Romania creating stunning and unique cards and letters, mostly for the wedding market.

I picked this glorious sunflower design for several reasons. I love the attention to detail in this piece. The burst of color, the way the sunflower breaks the plane of the edge of the design, the rule around the edge and the free-flowing typeface heads with the simple san-serif combine for a cohesive balance. Also note the detail on the back side. There is a lot of thought put into this artwork. It's not just slapped up there. Though Ruxandra intended this piece for a summer wedding, it would be appropriate for any summer get-together. It makes me think of warm days and the garden I had as a little girl in Kentucky.

Ruxandra has other outstanding designs as well. Please visit her shop, It's always fun to look at beautiful things, and as a designer, I can look at good designs and get ideas I may be able to incorporate in different ways for my own work.

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